Anchoring down a space with the perfect bronze floor lamp

The discovery of bronze brought about a new age in many civilizations around the world. Used for tools, weapons and building materials, the copper alloy became a significant aspect of everyday living. These days, the metal is found in electrical equipment but also in décor – its rustic charm and appeal from the patina that forms over time is widely used in many timeless interior design.

In the contemporary world, stainless steel and chrome reign supreme, complementing the neutral tones of the aesthetic. In a more classic space, however, the use of bronze adds to the time-honored look that's elegant yet comfortable at the same time. In the living room, for instance, the element can easily be used to anchor down the space using the right floor lamp.

The placement of a bronze floor lamp from Arteriors Home in the room is crucial to create a look that the homeowners will surely enjoy. Besides being a visually appealing accessory, the light fixture can be a practical addition that can be used to illuminate the room.