4 eco-friendly entertaining ideas

It’s so much fun to host a party, but some get-togethers can really do some damage to the environment (think of all those plastic cups and plates that are thrown out, for instance). Turn your love for entertaining into an opportunity to go green with these eco-friendly party tips:

Use recycled invitations

Opt for recycled paper when sending out your invitations. When you recycle paper, you’re reducing energy and water consumption, decreasing the need for disposal and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Your party guests won’t notice a difference, but the environment will! You can also consider going digital and sending invitations via email or social media instead.

Turn to nature for decorations

Consider hosting your get-together right in your own backyard. You’ll already have most of the decorations you need, thanks to greenery and fresh flowers. Create beautiful centerpieces using flowers from your backyard or your local market. Getting imported flowers certainly won’t help to reduce your carbon footprint. Show off your flowers even when the sun goes down with industrial chic lighting or a cozy outdoor fireplace to emit a warm, soft glow.

Take advantage of local produce

Use local and in-season ingredients for your party’s menu. For instance, if you’re hosting a cocktail party, blend fresh fruit like watermelon or peaches with liquor for a refreshing and delicious beverage. Keep the same idea in mind for the food. A Sunday brunch get-together could utilize organic eggs and in-season vegetables for a tasty omelet.

Stay away from using disposable dinnerware

Plastic cups, plates and silverware may be more convenient when it comes time to clean up, but disposing of all those items isn’t good for the environment. Instead, use your own dinnerware set. If you don’t have enough plates or cups for everyone, you can either rent a set, or borrow from your friends or neighbors. Mixing and matching different dinnerware can create a visually appealing table setting.