Spitfire from Authentic Models

This sleek replica of a legendary single prop plane is crafted from polished metal sheets

This graceful aviation reproduction recognizes the invaluable contributions made by the Royal Air Force fighter plane throughout WWII. The Spitfire, along with the Hawker Hurricane, was credited with saving the country against the formidable German Luftwaffe during The Battle of Britain. Manufactured by Vickers-Armstrong during the war years, the aircraft was exceptionally easy to handle and became an instant favorite of fighter pilots. The Spitfire was often charged with engaging the highly effective Messerschmitt in the skies above the European theatre of war. In aerial dogfights, maneuverability is the key, and this plane could accommodate stalls and steep turns with the greatest of ease, without losing control.

This faithful industrial recreation is crafted from flat and corrugated metal that is carefully attached to a lightweight frame to ensure this model is as aerodynamic as the original. Meticulous attention is paid to the details that set the Spitfire apart from its contemporaries. The cockpit is intricately designed with a sliding hood, while the tail rudder and ailerons all function. This replica represents a later version of the aircraft that was armed with wing-mounted twin 20mm cannons, rather than the traditional Browning machine guns. There's even a stylish desk stand, made from recycled airplane parts, so you can proudly display your model of this legendary fighter plane.


  • Flat metal sheet attached to lightweight frame
  • Functioning ailerons and tail rudder
  • Plaque with actual plane specifics
  • Includes metal stand


  • Colors: Polished Silver
  • Materials: Flat & Corrugated Metal
  • Usually ships in 1-2 days
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ManufacturerAuthentic Models
StyleAviation, Industrial, Vintage
Dimensions24 x 29.75 x 6.75
Shipping MethodGround
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