Sopwith Camel from Authentic Models

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This intricate reproduction of one of the most recognized planes of WWI is constructed of lightweight wood, stretched fabic and metal in multiple sizes and two versions.

This memorable vintage World War I fighter was renowned for its ability to out maneuver virtually any other plane of the time. In the hands of highly skilled pilots, the Sopwith Camel could execute tight aerial turns, soar and dive at the slightest touch of the instrument panel - great attributes to have in deadly dogfights. However, its sensitive handling, due to the positioning and close proximity of the engine, cockpit and fuel, was dangerous in the hands of novice fliers.

The wings were slightly staggered, with the upper being positioned slightly forward and the lower possessing a distinct dihedral. This single seat bi-plane was pivotal in the Allied air campaign and became the most important fighter for the British during the war. Twin Vickers machine guns, enclosed in cowling above the engine, were synchronized to fire through the arc of the propellor. The cowling created the appearance of a "hump," which served as the inspiration for the Camel's name.

The frame of this faithful replica is crafted from lightweight plywood and fir, which is covered in a yellow or translucent silk fabric. Metal is used to fashion the engine, cockpit and landing gear, while the propellor is made from laminated wood. This model is highly detailed in every respect, including intricate guide lines that can adjust the wing ailerons and tail section, spoked wheels with rubber tires and even riveting on the fuselage. This classic reproduction is available in multiple sizes and a transparent version, which allows you to view the inner structure of the plane.


  • Covered in silk fabric
  • Highly detailed engine, propeller & guns
  • All cockpit details in miniature
  • Wing ailerons & tail sections move using intricate guide lines from cockpit
  • Original spoke wheels like the real plane
  • Transparent versions show web-like construction in detail


  • Colors: Multiple
  • Materials: Fir, Plywood, Silk & Metal
  • Usually ships in 1-2 days
More Information
ManufacturerAuthentic Models
StyleAviation, Vintage
ColorBrown-Beige, Clear, Red-Burgundy, Silver, White-Ivory, Yellow-Gold
MaterialMetal, Silk, Wood
Dimensions10.2 x 15 x 4.9
Shipping MethodGround
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