Ford Trimotor from Authentic Models

This complex model of a tri-prop plane is crafted from polished metal sheets

This intricate aircraft miniature depicts Henry Ford's foray into air transportation, after his successful Model T transformed the automotive industry. The Trimotor featured three powerful engines and external wires that actuated both the rudder and elevators. Unlike most planes of the era, the trimotor ailerons and other control surfaces were made of corrugated sheet metal, as were the body and wings, hence the nickname the "Tin Goose". Additionally, engine gauges were mounted on the outside, so pilots had to look through their windshields in order to read them. This revolutionary plane provided features for passenger comfort, such as an enclosed cabin, which set it apart from other commercial flights of the era. For the first time, leisure and not just reliability helped fuel interest in air travel. Transcontinental Air Transport teamed up with the luxury Pullman rail system to provide coast-to-coast services from New York to Los Angeles.

This beautiful industrial plane model is finely crafted from metal that is applied to a lightweight frame. The surface textures and detailing are true to the original design, including functioning ailerons and tail rudder. Take a peek through the transparent portholes to check out the cabin inside. This replica is not so much a toy, as it is a testament to the rugged ingenuity of one of America's true innovators.


  • Flat or corrugated metal sheet attached to a lightweight frame
  • Functioning ailerons and tail rudder
  • Detailed cabin viewable through portholes
  • Plaque with actual plane specifics
  • Includes metal stand


  • Colors: Polished Silver
  • Materials: Flat & Corrugated Metal
  • Usually ships in 1-2 days
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ManufacturerAuthentic Models
StyleAviation, Industrial, Vintage
Dimensions26.4 x 40.2 x 7.9
Shipping MethodGround
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