Aidan Gray - Additional Information

Lighting Products

Our lamps are designed to reflect a timeless elegance and are appointed with refined features such as upgraded harps and finials, brass plated sockets, fabric covered cords and high quality shades. Our wood lamps are all 100% hand carved from engineered wood for stability and endurance. We only use cast resin when we cannot achieve an affordable detailed design. 95% of our lamps are finished with fabric covered cords, enhancing and refining an essential part of every lamp. For longevity and increased durability, we use whenever possible, brass plated sockets with metal turn knobs. These are complimented by heavy gauge harps to add additional stability to the shade. By selecting a lamp in our Seasonal Shade program, you will receive two shades, allowing for variations in appearance, choices in merchandising or additional shades for your store. And finally, every lamp is topped by a nicely appointed shade, usually lined inside and out and trimmed to perfection. Each shade is specifically designed to enhance the architectural features of the base it rests on. We believe that Aidan Gray lamps are a step above the average lamp and offer an outstanding value to each customer.


It is highly recommend that you not design around nor pick colors based on any photographic representation.

  • Photography represents the style only.
  • Chipped finishes are heavily distressed including chunks of wood removed, flaking finishes and large variations in the finish.
  • Aidan Gray has one distinct goal in creating our chandeliers. They cannot look too new, too shiny or too perfect. Each one must have an element of hand creation in order to deliver that one-of-a-kind found feeling.
  • Layered finishes are created through a multi-layer process and are 100% hand-finished.
  • Chicken wire shades contain indentations.
  • All chandeliers are accompanied by a 7' chain and matching canopy. Chandelier poles shown in photography can be purchased separately.


AIDAN GRAY HAS A DISTINCTIVE LOOK AND FEEL. Our product is not intended to look new and in fact should more closely resemble a found object or architectural antique. We distress our products heavily and chipping, flaking, rusting and cracks are built into the products and cannot be claimed as defects.