Panels & Screens

Panels & Screens

Imaginatively designed room dividers and fireplace screens are graceful accents

The way you style your home sets the tone for its overall ambiance. From the art you display on your walls to the small trinkets you keep on your shelves, home decor is a representation of your own personal style. One type of decor that can make a major style statement? Room dividers.

Create an intimate space

Room-divider panels are the perfect way to separate a large room into two more intimate areas where you and your guests will feel cozy and at-home. Screens can protect and accent your already homey fireplace, giving it a pleasant and elegant appearance.

Make a style statement

They aren't just functional - they also make an artistic statement. These accents set the tone for the other home decor in your rooms, so choose styles that coordinate with your existing furnishings. Opt for metallic and industrial versions for a traditional space, or abstract and graphic dividers for a more contemporary appearance.