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Express your creative side with a small piece of art

When it comes to your decor, there's nothing that says more about you than your art. Art is more than just decorative and visually pleasing - it's personal. That's why, when you're decorating your home, it's important to choose art you love and surround yourself with pieces that speak to your personal style.

Enhancing your walls

When you think of art, you likely first consider pieces that can be displayed on walls. A wall hanging is the perfect way to add personality, style and elegance to a room, whether it's an antiqued mirror in your foyer or a metallic wall sculpture above your sofa. Whatever wall hanging you choose, it will act as a finishing touch, drawing the room's decor together into a cohesive design.

Decorating with sculptures

Art is more than just embellishments for your walls. In fact, adding sculptures to a room is one of the most exciting ways to spice up the ambiance and add a dash of flair. Look for sculptures that complement your overall style, whether it's contemporary or transitional, and add them to your tables, shelves and mantels. If you have a room with extra floor space, a floor sculpture makes the perfect focal point for your decor.

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