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Put the finishing touch on any room with a decorative accent

While the majority of a home's aesthetic comes in the form of furniture, rugs and lighting, it is the decorative accents that really fine-tune a room to the homeowner's specific personality and taste. Without these ornaments, even the most lavishly-furnished spaces can feel vacant and impersonal. A vintage clock here or a painting there can be the minute difference that separates a house from a home.

Choosing the correct accents for a room can be as simple as examining an individual's lifestyle and interests, be them contemporary or traditional in style. Pairing a wood and iron wall mirror with a wooden storage crate may be perfect peripherals for those looking to create a simple, country appeal for their home bedroom. For city dwellers, hanging bronze artwork and using a modern folding screen as a living room divider work towards establishing a sophisticated urban space.

Decor items show off your interests and inspirations

Whatever an individual's design aspiration, introducing high-quality, personalized elements like clocks, storage containers, artwork or panels and screens will do wonders to expand upon the style established by home furniture. Decor Interiors offers an enormous variety of decorative accents suited for every living quarter, whether you reside in a Manhattan studio apartment or a secluded Rocky Mountain home.

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