Ornate Mirrors

Ornate Mirrors

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Finely detailed ornate mirrors elicit thoughts of sophistication and artistry

Sometimes, all a room needs is a strong focal point to tie the whole look together. It could be a one-of-a-kind chaise, an antique armoire, a giant mural or even an ornate mirror on the wall to create the right visual appeal and attract the viewer to that specific spot in the room.

For a contrasting look that's bold and unexpected, ornate mirrors with intricate frames in dark metallic finishes can be the perfect additions to a simple neutral colored wall. For a more subdued effect, a tone-on-tone combination can just be as effective in creating a beautiful visual interest in the room.

Scrolled or etched mirrors provide a simple, but elegant accent to a plain room

Besides their gorgeous designs, ornate mirrors are still just mirrors, which are practical additions to any room in the home for your personal grooming needs. Hang one on top of your vanity or over an accent table in the living room so you can ensure that you look your best before heading out.

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