Table Lamps

Table Lamps

Table lamps provide beautiful and convenient lighting

Lighting is a crucial element in any home design, especially if natural illumination is limited. It creates ambiance and can also offer visual impact to the room. Whether your looking for attractive bedside lamps, cool lamps for your living room or home office bankers lamps, table lamps are an easy solution that adds elegance and sophistication.

Aidan Gray Rustic Table Lamps

Modern lamps and antique lamps for any interior design style

Because individual taste differs for many, Decor Interiors has made sure that your needs are met by carrying a number of stylish options from which to choose. Those with modern sensibilities can choose among several high-end sleek contemporary lamps in polished metals and neutral tones, while those who prefer a more traditional home can enjoy an assortment of rustic lamps with ornate and beautiful detailing in wood and glass. There are even a few Tiffany style lamps and Asian lamp sets to complement other decor themes.

Unique lamps for every room

Small table lamps are perfect additions to any part of the home.

Bedroom lighting sets the mood

Nightstand lamps and other bedroom lamps create a relaxing environment to help you wind down at night. You can select shades in varying styles, shapes and colors to complement or contrast the lamp base. If you want to add some fun, pick one with bright colors. Want to create dramatic lighting? Opt for a striking opaque black silk one.

Living room lamps are multi-purpose

Lighting for the living room has a lot of responsibility. Not only does it need to accentuate the beauty of the room, but it should provide enough light to read by. Short and tall table lamps alike are perfect for end tables and consoles. They can be moved easily as your needs or moods change.

Home office lighting doesn't need to be boring

Desk lamps and task lighting used to be pretty utilitarian - bright light, but no style. Now, desk lamps come in a wide variety of looks from modern glass lamps to rustic shabby chic wooden ones. Touch lamps are another popular new kind of light that help add a little pizzazz.

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