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Versatile and full of personality, lanterns harken back to days of old

There are some types of decor that are so timeless they can easily fit into any design style. Whether you use them as a stand-out accent or to coordinate with other decorations, they add class and charm to any room. And they can be positioned in many ways too. Use lanterns for centerpieces with candles or on your deck for decorative portable lighting. Hang some like Chinese lanterns or pendant lights, or display others from hooks mounted to the wall.

Aidan Gray Shabby Chic Lanterns

Illumination for every style or a statement all its own

Lanterns come in a variety of styles, from romantic shabby chic to Old World vintage to shining contemporary. White lanterns are perfect for that coastal beach look, while paper lanterns are at home in Asian or "between jobs" decor. The best part about decorating with them? There's no need to choose one that coordinates with the rest of your decor. A lantern naturally makes a statement, so feel free to choose one in a completely different style than the rest of your home. This will only add to its charm.

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