Dramatic and inspiring, a chandelier is the centerpiece of your lighting collection

These ceiling lights have evolved throughout the centuries, from the utilitarian pieces of the medieval times to the ostentatious and ornately detailed fixtures of the Victorian era. Whether it's to illuminate a room or to create visual interest in it, one thing's for certain: It's a great addition to any space.

Ceiling fixtures are multi-purpose

Because the ceiling is normally the least designed aspect in any room, installing a shabby chic or modern chandelier brings about a great deal of attention and creates awareness to what's above the viewer. Additionally, this light fixture has the ability to light up the whole space, depending, of course, on its brightness, size and position.

Chandeliers can be used in many places

  • Entryway
  • Dining Room
  • Library
  • Living Room

Spectacular designs in many styles

Here at Decor Interiors, we feel that these fixture lights are not only functional light sources but also pieces of art that can set the tone of the entire room, becoming a focal point that can completely elevate the look of the room. From contemporary pieces composed of durable steel and glass to magnificent traditional fixtures in iron and crystals, you're sure to find a piece that will be the perfect addition to your space.