Sofas & Loveseats

Sofas & Loveseats

Kick back and relax into comfy sofa

Few things can cement a room's atmosphere the way seating can. The kind of sofa or loveseat you choose will define how the room is used. Whether you're looking to give a space the feel of comfort and relaxation or verve and energy, Decor Interiors has options that will suit your goals.

The right mood

The seating you add to a room will set the tone. To beckon guests to relax and settle in for comfort, look for sofas and loveseats with plush cushions and high backs. This will give you and your guests the chance to sink into the seating and facilitate deep conversations or long hours spent reading. If the space is meant for quick discussions or high-energy activity, go for lower backs and firmer seats.

Consider size

Although sitting down may be the bulk of a room's activity, seating shouldn't necessarily dominate the space. Cut out a piece of paper in the size of your potential new piece of furniture to get a feel for how it fits in the room. For vertical space, coordinate the overall height of the seating with the height of the ceiling. A low sofa or loveseat can make a short room feel larger.