The seating in your home can range drastically from a large cushioned sofa to small and lightweight dining room chairs - no matter what, the seating you choose serves a purpose with style. One of the most elegant ways to add seating to your home? A bench.

A spot to relax

Whether it's lining a wall in your foyer or arranged stylishly in a corner of your master suite, a bench's main purpose is to provide you with extra seating. Choose one with storage for added functionality - you'll have an extra compartment to stow anything you need a place for.

Introducing style and substance

As functional as they are, they're also unarguably elegant. A simple contemporary classic one can add polish and sophistication to a living room, while a pretty rustic seat can beautifully accent a vanity or guest bedroom. From shabby chic to mid-century modern, choose one that enhances the style of your home, while providing you a comfortable place to rest.