Environmental Responsibility is Always in Style - Be Green

Decor Interiors continually seeks to build relationships with business partners who are committed to being environmentally responsible in their choice of materials and manufacturing processes. Look for our Eco-Friendly Leaf logo on products that are certified sustainable or incorporate "green" materials.

Certified Sustainable

A number of independent organizations review manufacturers' materials and processes and certify only those that meet or exceed their strict renewable requirements.

  • FSC - The Forest Stewardship Council ensures that wood is from "responsibly managed forests"
  • Greenguard - Set rigorous standards for low emissions of volatile compounds into indoor air
  • OEKO-TEX - Independent testing and certification system for textile raw materials that exceed those of national legislation

Green Materials

Eco-Friendly Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is recycled material that was previously used for another purpose, or at least as part of a completely different piece of furniture or lighting. Wood from old railroad ties can be reborn as rustic table bases or tops. Previously used wood is not only ecologically responsible, it has a character that makes every piece of furniture unique.

Eco-Friendly Recycled Metal

Recycled Metal

Recycled metal sheets and scraps often require less processing and fewer resources than non-renewable material, while providing a unique aged or weathered industrial look. This restoration look is very popular with interior designers, commercial buyers and homeowners, given its ability to hide minor dings and scratches.

Eco-Friendly Natural Fibers

Natural Fibers

Natural fibers are not only durable, but are renewable and use fewer chemicals in production. Jute, sisal, seagrass, hemp, bamboo and coir accent rugs also compliment a variety of decor styles. Whether neutral in color or organically dyed, natural fiber rugs have a warm, welcoming feel and can be layered with other accent rugs to create a unique flooring pattern.

Eco-Friendly Renewable Fuel

Renewable Fuel

Bio-ethanol is water soluble, non-toxic and quickly biodegradable. Added benefits of fireplaces utilizing this bio fuel are that they are odorless, smokeless and release less carbon dioxide. They're easy to clean and usually a lot less hassle to refill.