Contemporary Design and Durability

Skagerak has, in co-operation with the designer trio VE2, created Nomad, a storage unit which is not only beautiful, but also exceptionally flexible. The way this piece leans against the wall, gives Nomad an elegant and a relaxed expression at the same time. Nomad can be used in any room, even outside. Use the Nomad in the bathroom for towels and personal care products in the bedroom storage space for your clothes, or in the hall for jackets, balls, shoes. You can easily move it and change its function with supplementary shelves and hooks.

In addition to this flexibility, Nomad stands out because of its excellent craftsmanship and the contemporary design and durability. It is an example of Danish Design at its best, where form and function are in utmost harmony. Nomad won the The Formland Design Award - Autumn 2012.

Construction Materials

The Nomad collection is constructed from teak. This wood is strong, stable and very easy to work with. At the same time, teak has a uniquely high content of natural, impregnating oils that give it the capacity to resist rot and mould. Accordingly, quality teak furniture can be used outdoors all year round with no treatment required other than regular cleaning. If you want to preserve the beautiful color interplay and dark tones, you need to apply oil to the furniture.

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Designer: VE2