Nordic Minimalism and More

Christina Liljenberg Halstrom’s Georg collection combines Nordic minimalism with a sensuous grasp of textures. The Georg stool was made for the exhibition Mindcraft12 which was curated by designer Cecilie Manz. Since then, the collection has grown to a family consisting of a stool, bench, mirror, bracket table and clothes rack with hangers.

Construction Materials

The Georg collection is constructed of oak. This is a heavy, hard and solid type of wood that grows throughout the temperate zone. The wood has many properties that make it well suited for home furnishing items. It has excellent form stability, is highly durable and has a uniform texture and appearance. In addition, oak has a very high tannin content, making it difficult for bacteria to survive in the wood.

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Maintenance & Cleaning


Your new product comes untreated, meaning that the wood’s color and texture will be affected by grease and colorants that may leave a stain on the wood. For this reason, we recommend saturating the wood with soap to make it more resistant. Use Natural soap, which is available in two varieties: Natural and White. Use Natural soap Natur to give the wood a warm glow, or, if you wish to lighten the color, use Natural White. Follow the soap-saturation instructions on each product ( The first treatment will cause the wood fibres to swell. Smooth them down by lightly sanding the surface with abrasive paper, grit 280. Do not use steel wool, as this may discolor the surface.

For regular cleaning, use Natural soap Natur or White, both of which clean the wood and add a protective layer of soap. Use wood cleaner if more thorough cleaning is preferred. After thorough cleaning, the wood is unprotected and should be re-saturated with soap, i.e. Natural soap (


The pillow case of the cushions for the bench and stool are made of 93% wool and 7% polyamide. Remove wet spot with a piece of white kitchen roll, and scrape off dry, attached spots with a spoon. Though most spots can be removed with lukewarm water, possibly with neutral detergent, it is a good idea to test where it will not show before beginning the cleaning process. Use only a small amount of detergent and dry up with absorbent paper afterwards. If this does nor remove the spot, professional cleansing is necessary.

The inner cushion consists of 100% non-woven polyester and polyester fiberfill. Spots hereon are removed with a moistened cloth, and it this does not remove the spot, professional cleansing is necessary.

Designer: Christina Liljenberg Halstrom