Proud and Supple

Ballare means to dance in Italian, and the inspiration for the Ballare range was a dancer. This is evident from the lines of the chair that represent the dancer's poise: proud and supple. The elegant, feminine curves help to give the chair its sculptural look.

In Ballare, designer Jacob Berg has designed a range that breaks down the boundaries between indoor and outdoor furniture. The same amount of attention to detail and joints has gone into this range as you would expect for traditional indoor furniture, yet the styling has an aura of outdoor furniture. Jacob Berg has succeeded in his mission to break boundaries, as this beautiful teak furniture is used to an equal degree indoors and out.

The Ballare range offers modern sitting comfort and is also stackable and easy to move. With its pull-out system, the Ballare table can soon be laid up for extra guests at impromptu gatherings, large or small.

In short, Ballare is a range that is all about tradition and renewal.

Construction Materials

The Ballare collection is constructed from teak. This wood is strong, stable and very easy to work with. At the same time, teak has a uniquely high content of natural, impregnating oils that give it the capacity to resist rot and mould. Accordingly, quality teak furniture can be used outdoors all year round with no treatment required other than regular cleaning. If you want to preserve the beautiful color interplay and dark tones, you need to apply oil to the furniture.

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Designer: Jacob Berg