Ecological outdoor furniture

ECologique - INO(X)ydable was inspired, from initial concept to final realization, by strict methods of conception and design. The collection features recyclable materials with a low carbon footprint and an optimal weight/performance ratio. Production and distribution processes are ecologically monitored, and the product line is designed to allow clean and environmentally friendly disposal at the end of the product life.

Designer: Eric Carrere (F)

Technical and materials information

Sifas Ec-Inoks Dining Table and Chairs


  • Frames are made from 304 stainless steel tubes which are 90% recyclable. They have an electrolytic polish finish, which removes surface ferrous particles and ensures increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion, chemical agents and salt spray.
  • 4 anti-wear gliders made of polyamide reinforced by fiberglass


  • Chairs are made with Batyline® Canatex (coated polyester canvas woven with natural hemp fiber), which is detachable and self-supporting. The hemp absorbs CO2 from the air and is a sustainable plant product that helps to reverse the greenhouse effect.
  • Aluminum armrests


  • Glass top enameled underneath at 900°C (1652°F), chemically sanded on top surface and edges (no finger marks) Weather Resistant guaranteed
  • Central built-in swiveling leave


  • The chairs, armchairs and coffee tables can be stacked very closely
  • The chairs and dining chairs inter-stack


  • The Ec-Inoks collection was created with a goal of responsible production and sustainability. Durable materials were selected for their low carbon footprint, recyclability and weight/performance ratio. By limiting the environmental impact of products throughout their life cycle, Sifas leads the eco-friendly movement by example.
  • Materials tested for resistance to environment, sun, water, sea fog, freezing as well as to natural chemical agents


  • 304 stainless steel - 90% recyclable
  • Anti-wear gliders made of 80% recycled polyamide
  • Self-supporting and detachable canvas
  • Glass top enameled and sanded
  • Canvas in Batyline® Canatex integrating natural hemp
  • Glass top sliding in 2 parts
  • Adjustable chaise lounge
  • Central swiveling leave
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