Lisa Luby Ryan

Lisa Luby Ryan

Rustic lamps, cabinets and stools that convey a history

Lisa Luby Ryan launched her first lamp and accessories collection with Arteriors in the Fall of 2010 with subsequent introductions in Fall 2011, 2012 and Winter 2013.

As the proprietor of Vintage Living, her European Decorative antiques and home furnishings boutique in Dallas, Lisa ensures customers find an unparalleled array of monochromatic, sophisticated selections.

Lisa is a talented interior designer, influential entrepreneur, enthusiastic community leader, and nationally sought acclaimed speaker. Lisa's design expertise has been continually recognized by her peers, who selected her as "D Home" magazine's Best Designer 2004 through 2011, consecutively. She has also been named in "Who's Who of National Interior Designers" and "Who's Who of International Entrepreneurs". Lisa's work has appeared in national Shelter magazines, as well as in Dallas area design publications, trade media, and two coffee table books.

"I'm drawn to aged materials and textures, things that have a history and have stood the test of time. In this collection, my treasured fragments and finds are turned into lamps and accessories with the same character and charm as the originals." - Lisa Luby Ryan