Insider tips for lighting a room

Even if you have a room's design nailed down, something can seem amiss without the proper lighting techniques. While some homeowners might be content to place a lamp or two and call it a day, design insiders are privy to tips and tricks of the trade for balanced and welcoming illumination. When done correctly, interior lighting can transform the entire mood of a room without guests having the slightest clue why.

One of the biggest mistakes when considering light sources is going overboard. A room does not need light shining from every angle. Instead, place strategic wood table lamps around the room for an effective blend of localized lighting. Experiment with different lamp shades for your desired brightness and tint.

Dimmers are another useful tool when considering the levels of light in a room. For a multipurpose space, being able to adjust the brightness can make a great difference between a social evening and a quiet night at home reading. Dimmers work best in conjunction with central light fixtures like nickel pendant lamps or transitional chandeliers.

Make sure you use warm, white light bulbs in your home's fixtures to establish an inviting aesthetic. Fluorescent tubes or overly-bright LEDs can wash out the color in a room and strain your eyes.