4 decor additions to create the perfect home office

These days many people are working from home in some capacity. So whether your have to complete work on a full or part-time basis, it’s important to have a home office space that supports your needs.

Ways to design the perfect home office


First you need to start off with the foundation of your room, which is the furniture. Pick out a desk that fits your needs but still stays in line with the overall theme of your space. For instance, if you are an architect or a drafter, you will need a desk with a raised platform to provide a comfortable drawing surface. There are a variety of styles that offer an industrial yet chic look.

In contrast, some people just need a sturdy surface on which to set their computer. A streamlined writing desk is the perfect option, and it has pull-out drawers for storage. If you need more storage space, you can find options with tons of compartments built in. Just select what fits your needs best.


There are a variety of office chairs from which you can choose, but opt for a plush seat to provide comfort. It’s perfect for sitting for extended periods of time.


It’s important to work in a well-lit room. So outfit the space with overhead industrial lighting in the pendant or chandelier form. For another option, you can choose table lamps, which are the perfect solution for task lighting needs. Also, consider installing ornate mirrors directly across from a window to reflect the light and increase the room’s illumination.


Add a rug to the room for another layer of style. Choose from a variety of traditional, contemporary and transitional rugs to find the one that fits your aesthetic.


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