4 contemporary touches for a modern home library

It might not be a homeowner's first choice to turn a spare room into a library. However, when done right the space can showcase your personal style, while being the ultimate place to unwind with a good book at the end of the day. Here are a few contemporary touches to help build your new home library:


First you want to build the foundation of your library, which is accomplished by bringing in bookcases and shelving. For more a traditional look, opt for wooden bookcases or select metal to embody the modern style aesthetic. There are a range of silhouettes from which you can choose, like asymmetric versions and oblong canoe-shaped models. Mix and match to incorporate all your favorite styles or settle on one for a streamlined look.


The best home libraries have intimate lighting fixtures placed throughout the room. For example, you can place industrial style lighting lamps on end tables. For more texture, work shabby chic lighting fixtures into the design as well. The aesthetic could also be incorporated into your chandelier, wall sconces or floor lamps.


Of course, you'll need comfortable furniture to rest on when you open a book. If your space is large, select a range of sofas and loveseats to fill the room. However, if you have a smaller layout to work with, opt for a couple of arm chairs or a day sofa. You can also slide a long table or dresser against an empty wall and fill it will picture frames and trinkets.


To make the room really unique fill it with items you have picked up from your travels, like artwork. Oversized mirrors are a nice touch, and can help make a small room feel larger. Additionally, clutter boxes can store magazines and books you are currently reading.


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