‘Heirloom look’ chandeliers making a comeback

Ceiling lights have always been crucial additions to any space in the home, not only to illuminate a specific room but also to add visual interest. And it seems that beautiful, ornate chandeliers are making a comeback in the world of interior design.

Famed interior designer Debbie Travis sat for an interview with Your Home, explaining that the "Heirloom look" is back. This includes romantic influences from dramatic curtains to traditional rugs. At the same time, chandeliers with delicate ornamentation like crystals and glass are coming back strong. HGTV is even reporting that the gorgeous light fixtures aren't just for formal dining and landing rooms anymore – they're also being used in more utilitarian places like the kitchen for the perfect touch of luxury.

For a dramatic and elegant addition to a room, opt for an Arteriors Home Versailles Iron & Glass Chandelier. The delicate features of the glass beads that drape the piece and the curved metal that supports the light bulbs truly add to an heirloom feel that's timeless and romantic.