Style Glossary


GothicGothic interiors come with a dramatic, castle-like feel. Perhaps the most defining element of Gothic style is the pointed arches – you’ll see doors, entryways and windows in this iconic shape. The box chair is another common piece found in Gothic interiors. These chairs have paneled sides and storage underneath the seat. Contrary to popular belief, Gothic style isn’t all about embracing black. In fact, many interiors feature rich, dark purples, reds, greens and blues. These colors are used sparingly, however, like on accent walls, appliances and backsplashes.

Image of Gothic fireplace and door from Woodcarvers Guild


GreekGreek interiors share similar characteristics to Egyptian homes. Certain elements like faucets and light fixtures are gilded. The iconic Greek key pattern can be seen throughout the home on everything from tile and curtains to pillows, linens and wallpaper. Greek interiors boast a subtle Mediterranean feel, thanks to the use of warm beiges and deep blues. Furniture is typically made up of cast iron, wood and wrought-iron.

Image of Greek pool and patio from McDugald-Steele


IndianSimilar to Arabian design, Indian interiors boast rich colors and textures. Imagine deep red walls combined with copper pillars and a red leather ottoman. Furniture is typically handcrafted and ornately carved. Indian furniture is slightly rustic in appearance – you’ll usually see woods like ebony, rosewood and teak used for everything from dining room chairs to coffee tables. Beautifully colored tapestries are incorporated into home decor with window treatments, pillows and throw blankets.

Image of Indian living room from Tara Design


IndustrialIndustrial interiors give off a cool, modern vibe. The style blends new and repurposed items for a unique combination of modern and vintage. Industrial design is characterized by clean open spaces – every room from the kitchen to the basement contains high, spacious loft-like ceilings. Color palettes are kept cool and subdued – you’ll often see a mix of grays, blacks and whites complemented by pops of blues or greens. Metal is the most often used material in industrial design. It offers a rugged charm and can be used on anything from light fixtures and countertops to stairwells and faucets.

Image of Industrial home office from Industrial Artifacts

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ItalianItalian interiors are filled with natural hues like off-whites and beiges. Splashes of Mediterranean colors such as brilliant blues, rich greens, burnt oranges and gentle yellows also make an appearance. Natural light is emphasized in the home in order to show off the extensive color palette. Italian homes are characterized by a natural appearance – stone, slate and granite are used throughout the interior on countertops and accent walls. Terracotta tiles and ornately detailed mosaic tiles are used in backsplashes to bring an accent of bright color to the space.

Image of Italian kitchen from Tucker & Marks