Style Glossary


FinnishIn Finnish homes, you’ll see a touch of modern flair. Windows are large and boxy, helping the room appear spacious and bright. Soapstone fireplaces are another common Finnish feature that adds unique personality and charm to the interior of the home. You’ll also frequently see wood paneled walls and sleek wood flooring – both of which warm up the ambiance. Furniture is uniquely formed into lightweight open shapes that offer a modern vibe. Bed frames and tables can be made up of tubular steel – a material that’s often seen in contemporary and minimalist home design.

Image of Finnish fireplace from Kipnis Architecture + Planning |


FlemishFlemish interior design borrows components from Dutch Renaissance homes. Furniture is characterized by the Flemish foot, which is a leg ending to an “S” or “C” shape and is ornately carved. Furniture is typically heavy and dark and often has detailed upholstery. Color is rarely used, and interiors look somewhat stripped down, similar to a rustic home. Distressed wood and exposed brick can be seen throughout the interiors. Flemish-style glass is used on shower doors, glass-paneled cabinets and windows. This glass features a wavelike pattern on both sides, providing a slightly distorted view.

Image of Flemish chair from Rafe Churchill by John Gruen


FrenchFrench interiors are elegant, refined and ornate. The style relies on soft and subtle shades, like beige and off-white. Typically, the same color is used throughout the space to create a coordinated and balanced interior. Rich materials like gold, silver and bronze are frequently used on wall decor, faucets, light fixtures and cabinet hardware. French furniture has an antique, heirloom feel to it, and pieces like couches and chairs feature dark glossy wood covered with engraved ornate detailing.

Image of French bedroom from Isler Homes

French Provincial

French ProvincialA French Provincial design is all about creating symmetry and balance in the home. This style can suit both formal and laid-back design tastes, as it combines both elegant and country elements. These homes are generally built out of brick, stone or stucco, and those materials are often found inside the dwellings as well on accent walls and furniture. The more casual French Provincial homes use a color palette of subtle blues, yellows, pinks and whites for a mixture of glamour and whimsy. French Provincial interiors feature French doors, as well as arched windows and entryways adding to the stately elegance of the style.

Image of French Provincial apartment from Paris Perfect


GeorgianJust like French Provincial design, Georgian interiors place a strong emphasis on harmony and symmetry. Kitchen and dining room wooden chairs feature elaborately carved legs and feet, as well as ornate carvings on the back splats. Moldings are equally as intricate – even ceilings have detailed patterns. Color schemes are often light and subdued, combining sky blues, soft greys and dusty pinks. Fireplaces are the focal point of the living room, and they feature decorated screens that are painted to match the space. Also found in the living room are grand chandeliers made of metal, wood or glass. Pendants made of silver or brass line the walls to offer more light.

Image of Georgian dining room from Tucker & Marks