Adding interest on the bedroom walls with Aidan Gray wall sconces

On average, humans spend 6-8 hours in their bedrooms. For many, this space is a sanctuary that requires a highly-personalized look where one can feel comfortable and at ease. Besides decor, homeowners need the right type of illumination in the room, not only for practical purposes but also to set the tone. Additionally, light fixtures like wall sconces can be used as beautiful accessories to complement any aesthetic.

The main advantage of using wall sconces for illumination is that they free plenty of surface space that table lamps would otherwise be taking. Being on the walls, these light fixtures also create visual appeal, comparable to a piece of artwork that would otherwise be hung.

To anchor the bed in a traditional setting, a set of Aidan Gray Elinore Wall Sconce might just be the perfect fit. Created from wood and flecked with gold, these wall lights will truly set the mood in any bedroom. The carved details on the wood creates a rustic, yet elegant ambiance that will work well in a room with other time-worn pieces.