How to widen and brighten a narrow hallway

Hallways guide you from room to room throughout your home, but the enclosed space can easily become dark and dingy. Just like with any area in your house, you want it to be safe for guests to maneuver through as well as inviting. Fortunately, with the right furnishings, you can effortlessly turn this narrow space into a welcoming pathway. Follow this guide to widening and brightening your hallway:

Be bold with hallway lighting

If you have a narrow hallway, instead of taking up more space with a floor lamp, integrate the light fixtures right onto your walls or ceiling. For example, consider installing a wall lamp. Sconces have a long history, dating back to the medieval times when candles adorned walkways instead of light bulbs. Now, sconces add an air of elegance to any room with a touch of vintage flare. With all the varieties of wall lamps available, this light source can be both functional and decorative.

Chandeliers also add an unexpected element to hallways and can effectively turn a drab foyer into a sophisticated entryway. Though a bit unconventional for such a narrow space, a chandelier is a bold interior design choice and complements a household of refinement.

If chandeliers are too wide for your hallway, consider adding smaller forms of ceilings lights. With a more narrow choice, you can hang several of them down the length of the hallway like a lighted path.

Keep away clutter with storage

A hallway is narrow enough without the added crowding of misplaced shoes, toys and whatever else winds up in that space. Having enough storage both in and out of the hallway is crucial for keeping the pathway safe and visually clear. Maintaining an open, uncluttered area will help create the illusion of a wider hallway.

Narrow tables, cabinets and sideboards can help keep the hallway organized without obstructing the walkway. However, make sure these storage units are short. Selecting a piece that reaches near the ceiling may be too obtrusive in the open space. Use these furniture pieces to store items that would otherwise block the walkway.

Brighten it up with decor

Hallways have plenty of wall space, so take advantage of this decorating opportunity. Select light-colored accents that contrast with the dark nature of the hallway, such as white picture frames. Additionally, hang reflective pieces that catch some of the light from other rooms. This can be achieved with large gold or silver plaques, metal wall sculptures and mirrors. You can display other eye-catching artifacts on top of storage units that go along with the same light-colored and reflective themes of the other art pieces.

With the right interior design choices, you can effectively brighten and widen the narrow space of your hallway.


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