Crafting a summertime aesthetic in your dining room

The summer weather is all about getting outdoors, barbecuing and enjoying the beautiful weather. A potential rainy day or extreme heat, however, could put a damper on your upcoming gathering. Be prepared for any situation by upgrading your dining room with a warm weather decorative scheme. It will give you a backup plan on rainy days and a new entertaining option you can use all season long. Here are a few ways to get started.

Dynamic lighting

You may already have a table lamp or an overhead fixture in your dining room. Experimenting with a few different light sources could help you achieve the ideal ambiance for your gathering. Eye-catching lanterns or pendant lights from Arteriors Home are a dazzling addition to any dinner table. They can be accented with fresh cut flowers and other summertime accents to provide warmth and an inviting atmosphere.

Freshen up your dining furniture

You may not want to completely re-upholster your dining room furniture. But there are a number of small tweaks you can make to your chairs to create a sense of uniformity. Vibrant throw pillows and cushions are a nice addition that will improve your guests’ comfort level. You can pair them with matching chair sashes, napkins and tablecloths to give your dining room a fresh visual appeal.

Go with a theme

You may love decorating with beach-inspired decor or maybe embrace a floral aesthetic. Working with a decorative theme can narrow down your style choices and show off your handiwork. Centerpieces are a great way to accomplish this. You can arrange a series of small accents on a large plate and place it in the center of your dining table. Mix and match with candles, flowers and other themed items to give your dining room an instant focal point your guests are sure to appreciate.