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Spad XIII from Authentic Models

This detailed replica of a famous WWI bi-plane is finely crafted from light wood, fabric and metal, and is available in three versions.

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This vintage historic fighter plane filled the air during the first World War and made legends of flying aces like Eddie Rickenbacker. Heroic tales of furious dogfights high above Europe inspired a generation to look to the skies in awe and appreciation of the skill required to pilot these flying machines.

Originally manufactured by the French company Societe pour l'Aviation et ses Derives (SPAD), this bi-plane was faster than the newest German planes of the time. It had two Vickers machine guns mounted above the engines, and pilots could fire them independently or together - enabling them to better manage ammunition use in the heat of battle. When the U.S. entered the war, the nation did not have a combat-ready fighter plane, so American squadrons flew sorties using the French Spad XIII instead.

This accurate model includes many of the minute details that made this airplane the iconic image it remains today. The frame is constructed from lightweight fir and plywood, and covered with stretched cotton fabric. Army camouflage and insignia adorn the wings and tail. Metal is used for parts of the fuselage and landing gear and is given a distressed aged finish to reinforce the look of the era. Spoked wheels and rubber tires add to the authenticity of this replica, which is available in three versions, including one that provides a glimpse of the inner framework of the plane.


  • Lightweight frame
  • Stretched silk fabric
  • Laminated wood propellers
  • Spoke wheels with rubber tires
  • Metal hardware includes landing gear
  • Transparent version shows inner structure


  • Colors: Ivory, Silver, Transparent , Red
  • Materials: Fir, Plywood, Cotton & Metal
  • Usually ships in 1-2 days
Additional Information
ManufacturerAuthentic Models
StyleAviation, Vintage
ColorBrown-Beige, Clear, Red-Burgundy, Silver, White-Ivory
MaterialMetal, Wood
Dimensions23.6 x 29.9 x 9.1
Shipping MethodGround
Product AvailabilityAvailable for order
Socket WattageNo
Call For PriceN/A
Spec SheetNo
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