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Junkers JU52 - Iron Annie from Authentic Models

This iconic European bi-prop plane reproduction is made from polished metal

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This dignified airplane replica is a reminder of German ingenuity in the early nineteenth century. A European counterpart to the Ford Trimotor, the Junkers "Iron Annie" was a versatile aircraft that served both commercial and miltary purposes for decades. The all metal three-engine JU-52 was more powerful and safer than earlier single engine versions, and it became a popular choice of Deutsche Lufthansa for passenger and freight transport. The interior included Bauhaus style seats, heating and other passenger amenities and was built to hold 17 passengers. It was easily recognizable by its three props and "unfinished" corrugated metal fuselage. At the onset of WWII, many planes were converted to transport troops and military cargo. Its durabillity and rugged landing gear allowed "Iron Annie" to takeoff and land on both grass and dirt strips in as little as 400 meters, which was considerably shorter than was required by most other aircraft - a huge benefit in the ever-changing landscapes of war.

This stylish industrial model airplane is a fitting tribute to an iconic flying machine. Crafted from sheet metal overlaid on a lightweight frame, this reproduction has a fully detailed passenger cabin and cockpit, which are viewable through the transparent portholes. Its texture and landing gear are true to the original design, and the plane comes with a handy stand made from recycled airplane parts. Authentic Models flight miniatures are striking additions to any den or aviation styled rooms.


  • Fully detailed cockpit and passenger cabin
  • Plaque with actual plane specifics
  • Includes metal stand


  • Colors: Polished Silver
  • Materials: Flat & Corrugated Metal
  • Usually ships in 1-2 days
Additional Information
ManufacturerAuthentic Models
StyleAviation, Industrial, Vintage
Dimensions26.4 x 38.6 x 10.2
Shipping MethodGround
Product AvailabilityAvailable for order
Socket WattageNo
Call For PriceN/A
Spec SheetNo
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